Monday, April 13, 2009

Car Accidents A Helpful Guide

If you have recently been involved in a car accident of some description there are a number of things that you must get done if you are to have a successful accident claim. The following is a useful guide and a few things that should be available in your car should you be involved in a car accident.

No win No Fee

First thing is to make sure you are ok which may sound obvious but a lot of people do not realise they are injured till afterwards. Get something with writing i.e. book or similar and just check out your eyes focussing makes sure your vision is not blurred in any way. The blurring of the eyes can be a sign of whiplash so if you have got slight blurred vision you will need medical attention.

It is always useful to carry the full details of your insurance in the car as this comes with either a quick reference guide to what to do but most certainly it will come with the correct contact numbers for making an insurance claim and probably a list of information to obtain. It is always a good idea to get the police involved as soon as possible and you must always report an accident to the police as part of complying with the UK law.

Unfair Dissmissal No Win No Fee

This helps if each party is getting aggressive with each other over the blame of the accident. Also this will more importantly insure the following happens. That each driver is identified as being legal to drive on the road i.e. have a valid driving license, insurance and MOT Certificate for each of the vehicles. In this day and age there are a lot of uninsured drivers and you can never be too careful in dealing with people you have had an accident with. The other is that they are positively identified as the police would not allow someone to give a false name and address after an accident.

If you were dealing with this on your own an uninsured driver would be tempted to try to scam his way out of it by giving a false name and address and claiming the car was stolen etc. This kind of behaviour is rare but can happen. Once all parties have been assessed and dealt with then comes the exchange of insurance data you should not hand over your details until you have positively identified this is your safeguard against fraud. As part of the accident you should take down the other driver's registration and if you have to hand a camera take as many photos as you need to verify the amount of damage and the relative positions of the vehicles. The important thing to remember is that get as much evidence from the accident scene as possible as this will help you make a successful accident claim later.

No Win No Fee Accident

One of the key elements to include as part of an accident is to try and write down everything that happened clearly and descriptively remember to include details of the following how the weather conditions at the time of the incident i.e. was it bright, rainy or icy conditions. Try to remember the speed that you were travelling and any defects to the other vehicle sometimes accidents are caused by the failure of brake lights make a note of anything that is important.
When you have completed your report and got all the evidence that you think you need then it's time to get a legal team involved to help you recover the loss due to damage to your vehicle or medical expenses arising from your accident.

Always keep your vehicle maintained and check your speed as accidents eventually cost us all money from higher insurance premiums but if you are in an accident by having gone through this procedure you will have the best evidence for your case and thus reduce the cost for us all by not wasting too much legal time in resolving your case. Happy motoring and try to be safe lots of people get up in the morning not realising its there last day because they are not thinking about road safety and other road users.

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